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Brace yourself for epic battles, bizarre creatures, and plenty of laughs as we explore the most wondrous worlds, creatures, and characters. Join us for a truly immersive and exciting actual-play podcast!​

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The Undying Sky

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Join Astrid, Lysander, and Trygg as they explore the promised lands of Ambria and the terrifying forests of Davokar. This epic original story is set in Free League’s dark fantasy world of Symbaroum.

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Chaos On The Pontar

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Embark on a voyage down the River Pontar with Gorm, Arthwyn, Oda, and Vargen. Brace yourself for a gripping original tale set amidst the Witch Hunts of Radovid’s reign using the Witcher TRPG by R.Talsorian Games.


We are Elsewhere & Beyond, actual-play podcast producers, who delve into dark fantasy realms. We bring you immersive storytelling each week with rich soundscapes and original music. We offer a fantasy and storytelling experience that enthusiasts will love, share, and enjoy.

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