Oda – Skelligan Witch

Wrapped up in a crusade against their will, Oda and her father Vargen flee the Witch Hunters at every turn. However, the spirits pave her way with guidance.

Gorm – Werebubb Mercenary

Hailing from the mountains, Gorm is a young and simple Werebubb with endless optimism, a fierce battleaxe, and a courageous little loveable heart.

Arthwyn – Bear Witcher

A Bear Witcher of the Amell mountains, Arthwyn has walked the path for decades, balancing his grizzled lifestyle with duty, optimism and hope.

Trygg – Troll Shaman

Many fear trolls for their wicked ways, but Trygg – an experienced shaman from the depths of Davokar – is far removed from the stigma that surrounds his kind.

Lysander – Changeling Ranger

With his loyal bird by his side, Lysander and Meliora travel the world together, healing the sick, aiding those in need and trekking the most dangerous paths.

Astrid – Human Theurg

Educated and raised by the priests of Prios, Astrid has chosen the mercenary’s path and wields her flail and faith to undertake her own righteous crusade.